Urad and Leather Mate offer a very unique type of water protection.

Because of the properties of both principal ingredients (lanolin and carnauba wax), this product allows the leather to breath while at the same time giving exceptional water protection.

It also ensures that if the leather gets extremely wet, it will not crack and dry as the water dissipates.

For extra protection, it may require several applications over a period of a few days.

However, even with extra applications, Urad and Leather Mate will not make your shoes or boots completely waterproof. If you were to put your shoe in a bucket of water, it would get wet.

To make your shoe completely waterproof would require that the pores of the leather are completely blocked (which is not good for the boot or shoe). There are products that do this, but they should not be used unless the shoe or boot will be continually exposed to extremely wet conditions (such as a hiking boot or work boot).