Sporting Equipment

Leather Mate is ideal for conditioning and protecting leather running shoes, football boots, soccer balls, baseball gloves and a vast array of other sporting equipment.

Leather sporting equipment is not cheap. Without proper treatment it rapidly dries, cracks, scuffs and begins to fall apart. Which means someone is rapidly forking out more money for a replacement.

When footballs and soccer balls are treated, they resist scuffing and water-damage, and will not become so easily water-logged during rainy weather. 

Surprisingly, balls and equipment treated with Leather Mate do not get slippery when wet. This is a major advantage over other products which may turn your equipment into a "bar of soap" in wet weather.

Leather Mate and Urad also provide excellent protection against the Sun, helping the leather to resist color fading and severe drying of the leather finish.

All of the preceeding sections of information and tips on Urad and Leather Mate apply to sporting equipment.