Vernice Patent Leather Spray (120ml)

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Vernice is a cleaning and shining product for "Patent" leather.  It requires no buffing and dries quickly.

To apply, spread gently with a dry cloth or pad and leave to dry.

In many cases, the neutral version of Leather Mate does an excellent job on patent leather, but for those who specifically want to care for their patent leather shoes and handbags this product is ideal.

Here is what some customers have been saying about Vernice:

"I have 3 pairs of patent leather riding boots, and after [Leather Mate], VERNICE and [Pro Cleaner] are the best products out there!  They keep my riding boots like new day after day, and no I don't work for [the company]. I'm just a very pleased customer spreading the word. Thanks again, West." - West Frazier

"I'm currently in the Military Forces Honor Guard and we normally wear patent leather shoes.  All I have to say is OH MY GOD! I love the Vernice product that I bought. Patent leathers are normally shiny and Vernice made it more shinier and cleaner.  The shine even lasts for days.  All I have to say is I love it!  Thanks!" - Judy Mattadeen

"Received this super fast, great products, thank you!" - Eva Maria Tarnay


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