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Ultimate Shoe Care    

There is nothing quite like the look of amazement on somebody's face the first time they see Leather Mate or Urad applied to their shoes.

Maybe it's the speed or the ease with which the product is applied.

Or possibly the miraculous transformation of appearance that occurs in a matter of seconds.

Whatever it is, you can be sure that they'll soon be doing what most of us have done. They'll soon be treating every shoe or boot in their home that they can get their hands on. And, when they've completely exhausted their own supply, every guest that walks through the front door, and every nearby friend or neighbour will soon be finding out what Urad or Leather Mate are.

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"Haven't used shoe polish ever since I tried Urad in 1996... You might call me a committed user!" 

  Shoe Care - Before & After
and Recent customer tesimonial:

"I have been using Urad - black - regularly for the past nine years: started out getting it at the Toronto Boat Show, then, after moving to Barrie, continued getting it at the Highway 400 Market (weekends) in Innisfil. Just moved to Georgetown - and need to replenish. 

"Haven't used shoe polish ever since I tried Urad in 1996... You might call me a committed user!" 

- Charles Dayfoot, Georgetown, Canada - 2005 



Leather Mate and Urad enable you to keep your shoes and boots looking as good as or better than they day you bought them. They will enable you to greatly extend the life of your shoes with only a few minutes of work once every few weeks--this product does not need to be applied every day. Once every few weeks should be more than enough. If shoes or boots become dirty or scuffed between shines, simply wipe with a damp cloth and the spectacular finish will be restored.

The unique combination of powerful natural ingredients in Urad and Leather Mate allow it to completely protect and condition your shoe, without blocking the pores. This is key. Leather has to be able to breathe, otherwise mold and mildew will develop, feet will sweat and shoe odor will abound.

Contained in each jar of Urad or Leather Mate are detailed instructions on how to remove salt stains from your shoes or boots. You won't want to miss this. The results you can obtain will completely astound you!

The product comes with a sponge applicator which makes it easy to treat your entire shoe, including the rim and heel.

This is one of those rare occasions where the faster and easier method is actually more effective, and better for your shoes at the same time! 

Salvaging or protecting just one pair of shoes would more than pay for the jar. But with this product, you can do your entire closet of shoes and still have plenty left over to do every other leather or vinly product you have. Now that's quite an investment!


APPLICATION TIP: Dip the applicator sponge into the jar. Scrape off all excess product on the inside lip of the jar so that the sponge simply looks damp. That is all the product you need to do both shoes. Quickly wipe the sponge over the entire shoe, including the rim or heel. Apply extra pressure on any stubborn dirt. By the time you have finished the second shoe, the first shoe will be dry!