Product History

Urad was created by the DARU family nearly 50 years ago in Milan, Italy, for the leather furniture industry.  The original name of the product, "URAD", is simply the family name, "DARU", spelled backwards.   It was so popular in Europe that it made its way across the Atlantic, to Canada, where it became a bestseller almost overnight.

When the U.S. market was entered the need for a more identifiable name was realized.  Hence the name "Leather Mate".

Throughout this website you will see the names "Urad" and "Leather Mate" used interchangeably. They are the same high-quality product from the same manufacturer.  They simply have different packaging.

Urad does have one advantage in that it comes in a larger range of colors, but in most cases the basic "neutral" and "black" are more than sufficient. (click here for more info on colors)

Urad and Leather Mate are only for use with smooth finished leathers.