Leather Jackets

Leather Mate and Urad give amazing results on most leather jackets, even those you thought were beyond the point of no return!

Have you ever priced what it costs to take your leather jacket to the dry cleaner? And don't kid yourself. Those solvents are not doing your leather any good.

And what about those chemical sprays that are supposed to protect against water damage, or the dyes and polishes that are supposed to restore color? The colors never quite seem to match, tend get all over everything and don't seem to last anyway. 

Yet, if you don't do something to take proper care of your jacket, your expensive investment rapidly deteriorates due to damage by snow, rain, salt, and sun. Or it can be stained by natural oils from your hair, neck or wrists. Even sitting indoors in the winter, your jacket can dry out due to the central heating that keeps you warm.

You might be interested to discover that some of your dry cleaners and leather specialists actually use Leather Mate or a product like it.

One jar of Leather Mate will enable you to clean, condition and protect your jacket up to 20 times or more, and you only need to do your jacket 1-2 times per year.

Unless the jacket is deeply scratched, the Neutral Urad or Leather Mate will return the original color to the jacket. It will also give it a protective coating to guard against future damage.

If the jacket has lost a lot of color or, is very cracked or dry, one of the applicable colored Urad or Leather Mate products will usually do the trick.

The number one reason people don't take proper care of their leather jackets, or repair the finish while they still can, is the other products are too difficult to use, are too messy and take time. With the Urad range of products, you can do your entire jacket in a matter of minutes.

For newer jackets it will protect the leather against drying out and cracking and give it a natural protection against the sun.

For jackets made of softer finished leather, such as finished lambskin, Tenderly is the ideal choice. This is the same great product, but without the carnuaba wax. This ensures that you can maintain the very soft leather finish while still cleaning, conditioning and protecting your jacket.

Some customers still prefer to use Urad or Leather Mate on their lambskin jackets due to the extra protection that the carnauba wax gives. If you are unsure, you can always test on an inconspicuous area (such as the inside sleeve or inside the zipper). 


(* One great tip on treating your leather jacket: Have someone wear the jacket while you apply the leather conditioner. Urad and Leather Mate will dry in just a few minutes). </td>