Leather Mate and Urad are ideal for every golfing professional or enthusiast.

Leather Mate will clean out grass stains with the greatest of ease, and prevent future stains from being so readily absorbed.

Multi-colored golf shoes can be easily cleaned, conditioned and protected with the "Neutral" product without fear of mixing colors.

Urad has an amazing ability to protect against water, while at the same time still allowing the leather to breathe and not clogging up the pores with chemicals or sticky oily ingredients.

The "White" Urad is especially good on white golfing or running shoes where the leather has lost its white finish.

One jar is only $19.99 CAD and it will do up to 200 pairs of golf shoes.

Urad and Leather Mate will keep your shoes looking great all the way from Tee-Off to the club House. Guaranteed!

Also great on golf bags, wood covers and carts.

Review or customer successes and testimonials for a letter from a very satisfied Locker Room Manager of a private golf club in North Carolina.

The product cleans grass stains, and protects against water damage for all leather and vinyl surfaces – shoes, bags, wood covers and carts.