Urad & Leather Mate...
The Italian leather cream designed for furniture

Tired of those messy, expensive, time-consuming 3 or 4 step products that never quite work as well as you hoped?

People selling you leather furniture will tell you that it is easy to take care of, but they often never really tell you how, or the advice they offer is faulty.

Some manufacturers or sales people tell you to use soap and water. Yet soap contains lye, which will eventually dry and crack the leather finish.

Urad was invented in Milan almost 40 years ago to meet the requirements of the Italian leather furniture industry. It later was also marketed under the name "Leather Mate" in North America.

What does the product do?

It nourishes and protects leather against color fading, staining and scuffing as well as damage from heat, sun and moisture. It has no lasting odor of any kind and completely penetrates the leather. It does not rub off on clothing, and helps prevent natural oils from the neck and hair from being absorbed into the furniture.

Leather Mate or Urad is suitable for most leather or vinyl furniture, is quick and easy to use and dries rapidly after application. Once dry, it will not rub off onto clothes or skin and will not become tacky due to body heat or warm climates.

How do you apply it?

You can treat an entire leather sofa in as little as 5-10 minutes, and you will only need to do your sofa once every 6-12 months. There is enough product in one jar for 7-10 applications.

You will not need to pre-clean your sofa, and there is no excess product to clean off when you are done and no exhausting buffing required. 

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    You will find that once your furniture has been treated, it will be easier to keep clean, will not attract dust and will not readily absorb stains.


    Do not use on furniture that does not have a finished surface (such as suede or similar material) unless you test on an inconspicuous area and are happy with the results.

    Always test light colors or very soft leathers on an inconspicuous area before use. Due to the way these leathers are finished, they may sometimes darken slightly when the product is applied. In this case, it is not just Leather Mate or Urad that will do this. Any leather cleaning or conditioning product would have the same effect.

    Leather Furniture Repair & Stain Removal Tips

    If your leather furniture is badly stained or ripped, Urad and Leather Mate will not repair it. For information on what to do, click on the following links to other pages on this website that cover these situations:
  • Leather Repair
  • Leather Stain Removal & Other Tips

    Before & After Examples

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    I've thrown out all of my other leather care products!"
    - Nadia.C - Adelaide, Australia


      Leather Furniture- Before & After
    and customer tesimonial:

    "I love your product!!! ... I got fabulous results and knew I was doing something wonderful for my tufted leather ottoman in the den and a leather covered dresser in the bedroom.

    These are two fine pieces of furniture and I trusted their care to your product without question."

    - Mary A. Rick



    Easy Leather Furniture Care Instructions

  • Unless the furniture is extremely dirty and dusty there is no need to clean before applying Urad/Leather Mate. If extremely dusty or dirty wipe gently with a damp cloth.
  • Get the correct amount of product on the sponge. Do this by dipping the sponge into the leather cream and then wiping off all excess on the inside lip of the jar. The sponge should appear moist with no lumps or excess product.
  • On the back of the furniture or under a flap rub a small amount of the cream into the leather to ensure it gives you the desired result. In 99% of cases you will be completely overjoyed with the results.
  • Apply with gentle strokes across each section. It's usually easier to start with the back of the furniture while you get the feel for how easily and quickly the product is applied.
  • After 5-10 strokes the sponge will start to grip or feel dry. Add more product and continue.
  • The best time to do buttons or seams is at this point (when the sponge is almost out of product).
  • For any stubborn stains or marks, apply extra pressure with the sponge applicator.
  • If needed, apply a second "coat" to the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes and then rub again.
  • Hard dry stains such as paint flecks, plaster or dry food (yes, you are not the only one this happens to!) can be treated by applying a generous second coat of Urad/Leather Mate and letting it sit for 20-30 minutes. Then scratch gently with your fingernail. You will be suprised in most cases at how easily it comes off.
  • Although the leather will feel dry within a few minutes, allow about 30 mins before using.
  • If the furniture was very dry, it may require a second application.
  • Although buffing is not needed, you may buff certain sections with a soft dry cloth if you want to increase the shine or smooth out the effects of any uneven application.

    Note: If the furniture feels sticky after 30 minutes then too much product has been applied. It will eventualy fully dry, but you can speed up the process by buffing with a soft dry cloth. Keep in mind that one jar should allow you to do up to 7-10 leather sofas or more. 

    Unless you are an experienced user, or you have a specific color that is extremely dry, damaged or faded, we recommend you use the neutral color of Urad or Leather Mate.