What type of leather can Leather Mate be used on?

Urad and Leather Mate are suitable for all finished shiny leathers. They are not suitable for unfinished, porous leathers such as suede, pigskin and unfinished lambskin. Do not use Urad or Leather Mate on suede or leather with a rough unfinished look. SPECIAL NOTE: Some finished leathers with light colors or soft porous finishes may darken slightly. This will not damage the leather but it will change the appearance slightly. In this case, it is not just Urad or Leathermate that will produce this result. Any leather care product will do so. Test first. Tenderly is usually a better choice on soft finished leathers such as lambskin jackets, but some customers still like to use Leather Mate or Urad as it gives added protection and helps restore the original shine. This is a personal preference and you should always test on an inconspicuous area first to be sure you like the result.

Is the product sticky, greasy or slippery when dry?

No. Unlike many other products, Urad and Leathermate dry to a beautiful finish. Because the finish is not greasy or sticky, it does not attract dust and other particles. It is also not slippery so is perfect for furniture and saddles.

How much product is in each jar? How long will the product last?

Each jar contains 7oz/200g of product. This will typically treat over 200 square feet of leather. This equates to roughly 100-150 pairs of shoes, 7-10 leather sofas or car interiors, 20 leather jackets and so on. A jar will last the average person 2-3 years. The product has a shelf life of up to 10 years (based on actual experience). It should never dry out unless left exposed to the air. If this occurs see the "tips" section of this website which will tell you how to restore your product to its original form.