Before & After

The following photographs were taken by amatuer photographers. No touch-ups or editing has been done of any kind. 

CLICK ON IMAGE FOR CLOSER LOOK.  Urad & Leather Mate are ideal for leather furniture care.

After a quick 30 second 

The neutral will successfully clean,
nourish and protect any color,
including: dark green, navy blue, red and black.
  Leather Furniture 
Sofas, Office Chairs, Automobile interiors

This example was provided to show close up the dramatic repairing and protecting qualities of Urad, Leather Mate and Tenderly. 

As you will see when you view the larger image, this leather care product adds much needed natural moisture to the leather and gives it a luxurious protective coating. It pulls the leather's own dye back to the surface and makes the leather look like new. 


Click for closer view

Less than 15 seconds/shoe!
1 jar will treat approx. 150-200
pairs of shoes. Faster, cleaner,
easier and better for the shoe 
leather than a polish.
 Won't dry
out like a polish. Won't come off 
on your clothes.
  Black Leather Riding Boots
Boots, shoes, sandles, workboots

The neutral Urad or Leather Mate does an amazing job on any boots or shoes with a finished (shiny) surface. 

This is far from the most dramatic "before & after" example you will see, but it will give you some idea of the results to be expected. The time taken to fully clean, condition, shine and protect the boot was about 10-15 seconds! It was faster and easier (and less messy) than any polish, and is actually good for the leather.


Amazing what Urad & Leather Mate can do for rubber, plastic & vinyl.  Click image for a closer view.

Repairs sun damage.
Restores color after fading & will
protect against future damage 
by sun, scratching and scuffing.
  Rubber Boots
Rubber, vinyl, plastic

This image was included mainly to show the versatility of this amazing product. It will handle the effects of sun-bleaching on most plastics, vinyls and rubber. It gives the item a natural UV protection and protects against scratching and scuffing. 

For this reason, it is ideal for car dashboards and other surfaces exposed to the heat and sun. It protects them without at the same time making the surface sticky or greasy, so it won't attract dust or cause chemical hazing like some other products do. 


Click image for a closer view.

One jar of product can treat 20-30 such chairs.
The resulting finish is not greasy or sticky and has no
odor. It will protect your furniture from scuffing,
drying out, cracking, water damage, oils from the skin/hair and general wear and tear.
  Leather Chairs
Sofas, Office Chairs, Car Interiors

This is the full image of the first image at the top of this page. It gives you an overall idea of the complete transformation that occurred with this very old and damaged piece of leather furniture.



Urad & Leather Mate used on saddles. Click image for a closer view.

Clean, condition and protect all saddles and tack. One jar of product can treat 30-40 saddles.
Clean, condition and protect all saddles and tack. Will 
treat any color. Leaves saddle with a perfect "grip"
without being sticky or oily. Prevents saddle from drying 
out. Kills mold and mildew and inhibits further growth.
  English Saddles
Saddles & tack

A perfect combination of ingredients allow you to oil and condition the saddle but at the same time gives it a non-sticky, non-greasy finish to prevent product transfer to your clothing.